Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Betrayed

We are being betrayed systematically by the people we allow to be our leaders, our spokesmen. Examples? Christian fundamentalists are being betrayed by the Republican party, which speaks to them to get their votes, but actually pursues policies that will leave them and their children without a future. Union workers are being betrayed by union bosses who block the workers from updating their skills, adapting to new industries, changing with the times. Blacks are betrayed by their leaders who use the pulpit to keep them pitted against other minorities, especially gays, instead of building a unified coalition for justice. Industry is betrayed by high-profile leaders who lie, cheat and steal, turning public opinion against those of us who play by the rules. Scientists are betrayed by leaders who think it is beneath them to make the case for science to the ignorant masses, who, by the way, pay for all the grants on which scientists live. Feminists are betrayed by spokeswomen like Susan Faludi who are so wedded to victimhood that they can't see how much they have alienated today's generation of young women. And on and on.

What can we do? It is very hard to get people to think beyond the dogma they are used to. Every one of these groups gets its information from the very people who are betraying them. I guess we have to start by speaking up, by questioning, and hope others are doing the same.


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