Monday, February 06, 2006

Final PostScript on India, and other stuff

One of our alert readers (with apologies to Dave Barry) spotted clear and convincing evidence of the loss of American jobs to India. The question now is: when will the bike be replaced by a cage full of gerbils? (Photo courtesy of W.L.; Who knows where she got it from...)

In the meantime, allies and critics alike have been praising the President's commitment to expand funding for science and mathematics education in the U.S., along with packages of tax breaks for corporate programs that support ongoing education and retraining of American workers. It is all part of a strategy to preserve U.S. leadership in technical fields. Of course, as long as we continue to attack the actual teaching of science in schools, one has to wonder: On what do they plan to spend the new money? Special leather-bound copies of creationist textbooks? Creation movies with really great special effects? Wiretapping teachers who insist on teaching science? We await the details.


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