Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Why I Can't vote for Romney, part I

You see, the hardest working people in the country are actually not the middle class, to whom all the politicians pander. The hardest working people are the ones at the top and the bottom. The 1% and the bottom 20%. The ones at the top work hard because they have set themselves up for huge payoffs if they succeed. (Don't believe all the rhetoric about lazy fat cat bankers. The typical investment banker works 90 hour weeks and only goes home to pick up his dry cleaning.) The bottom 20% work hard because their lives depend on it. They get no breaks, and the common slander that they just sit around and sponge up government benefits is just that, slander.

The Democrats, Obama and the rest, have made a fetish of pandering to the "middle class", despite the very obvious fact that it hasn't won them any more votes from whoever makes up that amorphous group. Now Mitt has joined in the chorus, if only to try to rationalize his dismissal of the poor. Wow! These are the people who waste their lives tracking the Kardashians, support five ESPN channels, and have made a fetish out of "Thank God It's Friday"--they even named a restaurant after it. There are exceptions, of course, but if they are hurting it is because most of then never met a credit card they didn't like, and they worship fake luxury brands because it makes them feel like, well, the 1%. They do not deserve pandering, from either the Democrats or the Republicans, and the funny thing is, they know it. Otherwise they wouldn't hold their noses when they hear the politicians sucking up to them.


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